Creating a new Quote

You can create a new quote by clicking the plus sign icon at the top of the quote list. This will start the Quote creation wizard. The wizard will ask for the customer information. The wizard will collect the customer contact information. You can supply different contacts for the payer and the implementer. The payer is the person that is in charge of approving invoices, The Implementer would be the technical contact. If there is only one contact you can check the “same as” check boxes to avoid retyping the same contact info.
After the contact info is collected. The Quote details page will be displayed. You should set an expiration date with in the next 30 days. Click the “Add Line Item” button and select the hosting product from the drop down menu. Volume pricing will automatically be applied base on the number of units are entered.
Once you have selected all the products that the customer is interested in, click the “Submit Quote” and the quote will be saved and sent to the customer email for acceptance.
The reseller will also be carbon copied on the quote.