How to set up Reverse Sync with RTG and MaxControl.

How to set up Reverse Sync with RTG and MaxControl.

Step 1: Create a remote for you to test with on your machine
1.    Create a remote and specify a valid External Sync Path.
2.    Once created Test Sync with the sync server outside of the network.
3.    If this works proceed to Step 2. If not repeat Step 1 over until issues are resolved.

Step 2: Create a remote for RTG’s Servers
1.    The name must follow RTG Database Naming Rules
a.    Must be at least 8 character long, max length is 25
b.    Must start with a letter
c.    Can contain Letters, Numbers, and Underscore "_"
d.    Cannot contain the words ACT, MASTER, RDB or current version i.e.2009 or 11
2.    When you create the Remote, Make Sure to provide the Sync Path for  the desired Protocol (Internet Sync or Network Sync)
3.    Do not Send us the RDB file that you tested with, it will not work.

Step 3: Upload RDB file through MaxV2.
1.    Go to My Account> ACT! Databases
2.    Then click Add new ACT! Database
3.    Then fill out the wizard, And make select “Reverse Sync” on the “Database Settings” tab. Make sure to provide the RDBs EXACT name in Database Desired Name on the “Database Name” tab.
4.    Complete the Wizard by uploading the RDB file. Do NOT change to ZIP file.

Step 4: Contact RTG support.
Email with the name of the RDB in the subject, letting them know you have uploaded a RDB.  Also let them know the frequency you want the RDB to sync.

NOTE: RDBS cannot be restored automatically via the ACT! SDK so we have to manually restore this for you.

Other Notes:  
Your Sync Server must be public; we cannot connect to VPNS to sync.
Make Sure your Sync Server works from outside your network BEFORE uploading a RDB. We do not troubleshoot Clients Sync servers.